[NOTE: Dr. Park’s blogging has migrated to his professional website.]

My name is Benjamin E. Park and I am an assistant professor of history at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, where I teach courses on American religious, cultural, and political history, especially between the Revolution and the Civil War. You can find an overview of my work, details concerning my scholarship, teaching materials, publications, as well as my CV, at benjaminepark.com.

As part of my work as a professor, I hope to use this blog as a platform to share my sporadic thoughts on scholarship, current events, and the intersections between the two. While I already contribute to a number of blogs, including The Junto, Juvenile Instructor, and By Common Consent (where I’m currently emeritus), and I still plan to post at those locations, there are often times I have ideas that are not fully fleshed out, are quite brief, or are otherwise more fitting for a personal space. I may post frequently, like a few times a week, or I may go through many stretches of inactivity. We’ll see.

I envision this space to be an extension of my work in the classroom, and I’ll frequently be posting things directly to my current and former students. Additionally, I’ll also be highlighting recent books, articles, and presentations that have piqued my interest. And to be honest, I may frequently change my mind about my primary audience, or give up a blog entirely. Who knows!

At the very least, I’ll try to reach the standard of “Creed Thoughts.”